Testim.io leverages artificial intelligence for the authoring, execution and maintenance of automated test cases. Its proprietary technology learns and adapts automated tests to code changes, reducing 90% of maintenance time and 70% of authoring time. Testim helps companies accelerate time-to-market and achieve unparalleled quality at a fraction of time of conventional solutions.

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The Key to Implementing CI/CD The process of building and deploying software is undergoing a revolution not unlike the invention of the assembly line. That seminal development allowed Ford Motor Company to crank out consumer vehicles so fast, it positioned them as the market leader almost immediately.

Today, old manufacturing processes have been replaced by the knowledgeworker driven software development process. Unfortunately, the same traditional wisdom that applies to Six Sigma style manufacturing cannot be applied to software development. It is an entirely new discipline which has only existed as a major, widespread career for the past 30 years. [Continue Reading]

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