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API Fortress is a complete performance and quality solution for companies that care about their APIs. A web-based platform to help teams evaluate API accuracy, monitor performance, and simulate load. Reduce costs with automated test generation, save time with an intuitive interface, and validate deployments to catch problems before your customers or partners. To learn more about why companies are switching to API Fortress visit http://apifortress.com.

The Most Common API Errors to Watch for in 2018 (Download)

Did you know that most APIs suffer some sort of failure every day? A lot of people are not aware of this fact because of one simple reason – they are not testing for it. Unless a customer notifies you, or there is a catastrophic failure, most API issues are quietly eating away at your app, platform, and bottom line.

APIs are a constantly evolving collection of thousands of functions transporting live data that changes by the millisecond. They (are as vulnerable) to flaws and irregularities as your websites, apps, and firewalls; and should be receiving the same amount of attention. [Continue Reading]

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