Travis Gillison

Travis has been a telecom and IT professional for 15 years. He has spent nearly a decade in software testing, originally hired as an individual contributor, and moved into a management role in early 2017. His company adopted Agile around 4 years ago, and Travis has been focused on helping delivery teams understand processes, ways they can improve, and he also focuses on infrastructure and internal tools. He has held previous roles as a Sales Engineer, Project Manager, Field Engineer and Account Manager. Travis has a background in radio and television, has been a musician for over two decades, and has published several episodes of a personal podcast. He is also a part time adjunct professor for Vincennes University, and teaches project management courses. Public speaking is one of his skills, and he is quite comfortable behind a lectern or microphone.

Speaker Details:

Travis Gillison – Testing Team Lead, Genesys
LinkedIn: Travis Gillison

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