Neil Moyer, President of TrustedQA, Inc. Neil Moyer

Neil Moyer, the President of TrustedQA, Inc., a boutique technical consulting firm with 30 years of success in Northern Virginia, has over 10 years of experience helping commercial and government clients in the areas of Quality Assurance and Software / Security Testing.

Collaborating with a trusted team of senior engineers and industry experts, Neil constantly evaluates and identifies technology and hiring trends and cultivates value-added relationships with Directors and ‘C’ level staff. In this highly competitive market, leveraging the company’s key differentiator, quality over quantity, sets TrustedQA apart. This is achieved by fleshing out critical needs and available solutions that span the latest, most relevant technologies and best practices.

Under his leadership, TrustedQA has received numerous awards and accolades as a top performing supplier whose technical innovations, quality services, and outstanding performance significantly benefit government and commercial customers.

Neil holds a Bachelors in Business Management from Coastal Carolina University.

Speaker Details:

Neil Moyer, President of TrustedQA, Inc.
Facebook: TrustedQA
LinkedIn: NMoyer
Past Events: Charleston Defense Contractors Association (CDCA) Small Business & Industry Outreach Initiative (SBIOI)

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