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Anne Hungate is an IT executive with more than 20 years’ experience. Experimenting with both engineering practices and organizational design, Anne determined that people and trust are the keys to better software – while facts and data link IT results to business value. Anne is the President of Daring Systems, a consultancy practice that helps clients improve their productivity and profitability by understanding their software delivery supply chain. Anne has presented at local and national conferences, sharing the lessons learned over two decades of transformation and delivery. Anne holds her DevOps Foundation, DevOps Test Engineer and professional coach certifications and has earned both CSQA and PMP designations.

Speaker Details:

Anne Hungate – President, Daring Systems
Twitter: @annehungate
LinkedIn: Anne Hungate
Past Events: STPCon, Grace Hopper Conference, DevOps Summit, StarEast/West, Better Software, QUEST, TISQAA, CA World

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