Workshop: Selenium for Beginners (with Python)

Learning Selenium for functional test automation sounds like a big challenge. Perhaps you’ve heard of Selenium? Or maybe, you are faced with the challenge of implementing it at work? Does your company want all QA testers to automate? Or, you may have used it in the past and decided it’s just not your cup of tea?

Peter Kim has a knack for training others in a fun and very simple, yet powerful way. His workshops are focused on teaching the latest concepts with his audience and clients in mind. As a co-organizer at one of the largest Agile Software Test Meeups, in DC, with 1000+ members, he enjoys sharing and learning from others. Yes, he’s taught his teenage nephew to be a rock star QA automation engineer; he has assisted his “flunky” best friend escape his dead-end job to embrace a career as a lucrative automation engineer in only 6 months! He’s also taught Selenium and automation design/strategy at Fortune 500 companies as well as getting startups up to speed on automation strategies.

He enjoys uncovering the true simplicity on how to teach (Selenium) in a fun and thought-provoking workshop which will include a conspiracy theory designed to lead others into believing Selenium execution is a difficult task. Attend this workshop and surprise yourself when you discover the key to writing automated Selenium tests! And yes, Peter has successfully helped his colleagues, older sister, with little to no automation experience, become solid automation engineers. This workshop will give you a firm foundation to start leveraging Selenium automation in your testing strategy leading to self-confidence that will allow you to further explore it for more complicated applications. Find out how!

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Learning Selenium with Python is actually really easy!
  • Installation and Setup is so #!#! easy! with Python.
  • Making my browser sing and dance with Selenium. Jeez, there really is a conspiracy theory.
  • Ahhh, that’s what a test framework is used for!
  • Test Execution and Results.
  • Jeez… page objects are actually fun! It’s not just for the “advanced” folks.
  • Keeping my tests current.
  • I want to scale my tests… what do I need to know and do? .. using Selenium with other bindings (e.g. WebDrivers).
  • Gain a solid understanding of Selenium, so you’ll be well prepared for more advanced Selenium/automation chops!

Automation Workshop
Location: North 1 Date: October 22, 2018 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Peter Kim