Workshop: Quality Data Visualization – Creating a Dashboard

Data in your bug tracking system has many stories to tell. Software testing metrics can be very difficult: there are thousands of them out there, its hard to know which ones are important, many are hard to collect, its often difficult to extract meaning from the metrics, and everyone has an opinion on the usefulness of any metric that you might choose. So, what is one person to do?

This workshop will present a methodology for thinking about which metrics are the most important, principles to use for collection and dissemination, and practices to insure that quality gains from your metrics are sustainable.

We will then do some practice in building a software quality dashboard in JIRA, one of the most widely-used bug tracking systems.

You can build this dashboard with your JIRA instance, which will be ready for use when you return to work. If you don’t have access to your work JIRA during the workshop, we will have JIRA available with test data for you to practice.

Workshop Takeaways:

  • The Goal-Question-Metric method for choosing the most important metrics.
  • Hands on practice with finding data in JIRA using filters.
  • Hands on practice with creating dashboards in JIRA using build-in widgets.
  • Tips on designing dashboards and some useful metrics that provide value.

Please bring a laptop.

Strategy Workshop
Location: North 2 Date: October 22, 2018 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm John Ruberto