Workshop: Analytics Rebooted – A Workshop

I have come across some extreme examples of Business/Organizations who have all their eggs in one basket – in terms of # understand their Consumers (engagement/usage/patterns/etc.), # understand usage of product features, and, # do all revenue-related book-keeping

This is all done purely on Analytics! Hence, to say “Business runs on Analytics, and it may be OK for some product/user features to not work correctly, but Analytics should always work” – is not a myth!

What this means is Analytics is more important now, than before.

In this workshop, we will not assume anything. We will discuss and learn by example and practice, the following:

How does Analytics works (for Web & Mobile)?

  • Test Analytics manually in different ways.
  • Test Analytics via the final reports.
  • Why some Automation strategies will work, and some WILL NOT WORK (based on my experience)!
  • We will see demo of the Automation running for the same.
  • Time permitting, we will setup running some Automation scripts on your machine to validate the same.

Request you to get your laptops for this workshop with the following installed:

  • Latest JDK
  • Charles Debugger Proxy
  • Git
  • Any IDE of your choice
  • We will learn by practice the following:

    • What is Analytics?
    • Techniques to test analytics manually.
    • How to automate the validation of analytics, via a demo, and if time permits, run the automation from your machine as well.

    Automation Workshop
Location: Cavalier B Date: October 23, 2018 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Anand Bagmar Anand Bagmar