Keynote: Open Source is Dead

Does the software industry have the will to foster sustainable open source projects and allow healthy communities to thrive around them? How long can the industry survive under the current model that negatively affects companies, users, and maintainers in economic, technical, and even emotional ways? It would be lovely if the answers to these questions were easy. The software industry increasingly finds itself relying on open source software and has become incredibly adept at paying lip service to the benefits of using it. Based on my personal observations during my 25 years of work experience in the software industry, my belief is that open source projects are not sustainable over a long term, unless they fall into one of four types of organizations. None of the four organizational types (Authoritarian, Corporate, Social, or Communal) foster healthy communities. The traditional “for the community, by the community” style of project does not exist today or is so rare as to be severely endangered. Is there anything that you can do as an individual to change the state of affairs?

Keynote Leadership
Location: South Ballroom Date: October 25, 2018 Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am Jim Evans Jim Evans