Keynote: Gam_s & Puzzl_s to Build and Improv_ T_sting Skills!

No doubt you’re an excellent tester. If we could clone you and have twenty such team members we would. Ahhh, life would be good. We’d crush the testing! But…we can’t clone you. When it comes to our team the best we can hope for is to hire the right people with the right attitude and aptitude and nurture their QA and testing skills. How do we accomplish such a monumental task?

Throughout my 29 years in IT I’ve been tasked with building and mentoring testing teams regularly. I do so now to build and sustain my own successful business. Agile and DevOps…no problem! Test automation and frameworks…piece of cake! Build and grow a team…YIKES!

Several years ago, I had an epiphany…GAMES! I recalled my military days and the war games we’d play. I thought back to my consulting for the Navy to teach them how to automate tests against flight simulators. I recalled the puzzles I had to solve in my attempt to become an air traffic controller. History tells us games go back over 2,300 years as a tool to teach. The games many of us play to improve very specific skills…such as memory, speed of thinking, creativity…came to mind.

Thus, I began using games and puzzles. I use them to assess if a potential new hire has what is needed to be part of our engineering team and to continually hone the skills of our software test engineers.

Join Bob Crews for this interactive, audience participation as we play the games and solve the puzzles which can assist in building and growing great software testing teams!

Keynote Leadership Strategy
Location: South Ballroom Date: October 24, 2018 Time: 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm Bob Crews