In this track you will learn the strategic and practical approaches to software testing and test case design, based on the underlying software development methodology.

Risk-based Testing: What It Is and How You Can Benefit

For any real-world system, there are an almost infinite number of tests you can run, so you won’t have time to run anywhere near that many tests. Fortunately, there is a pragmatic way to select and prioritize your tests: risk-based testing. In this presentation, Rex will explain a practical, quick, lightweight approach for incorporating an […]

Workshop: Software Design Patterns for Quality Engineers

What’s the definition of “best practices” for writing automation frameworks? .. for your API test strategy? .. for your GUI tests? What does it mean to write a scalable or clean library/application? The core to ensuring that you, as an automation engineer, or software engineer, are creating a well-designed program, e.g. framework, tests, utilities, is […]

Exploratory Testing Open Forum

Are you an Exploratory or Context Driven Tester with questions? If so, this is the session for you. Bring your BURNING questions to discuss with Nancy & Lynn in an open forum session. Question topics can include any aspects of ET or CDT testing. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to track and report on your […]

Add Security Testing Tools to Your Delivery Pipeline

Developing a delivery pipeline means more than just adding automated deploys to the development cycle. To be successful, quality testing of all types must be incorporated throughout the process in order to be sure that problems aren’t slipping through. Those checks must include security, or else you risk quickly and efficiently developing insecure software. Fortunately, […]

DCAST Meetup: Washington DC Metro Area Job Market and Hiring Trends 2018

Imagine that you, a recent college BS/CS graduate, or a software tester/quality engineer, or test manager, someone who’s passionate about software quality, have an opportunity to move to the nation’s capital for that next job, or perhaps you’re already living in the Washington DC metro area, determined to advance your career. However, you are uncertain […]

Can Codeless Testing Scale?

Transforming Manual Testers Into Automated Visual Testers with Record-Playback tools. Test automation folklore is full of horror stories of failed attempts to apply record-playback tools to perform UI-based functional testing. In this talk, we’ll take an objective look at record-playback tools and compare them with programming-based automation tools in order to evaluate their applicability to […]

What You Can’t Measure, You Can’t Improve

Hudl offers a cloud-based solution to help coaches and athletes edit and share video, and advanced analytics to help their teams win. We operate in a continuous integration/delivery model with multiple deploys to production daily. We recently embarked on a journey to collect meaningful data to allow us to learn and make decisions based on […]

What! It Really is Rocket Science!

If there is one thing we learned from the space race of the 1950’s and 60’s, it is that if you throw enough money at a project you can find a way to solve your problems. Unfortunately, today we do not have nearly unlimited government budgets like rocket scientists of old. But what we do […]

Workshop: Quality Data Visualization – Creating a Dashboard

Data in your bug tracking system has many stories to tell. Software testing metrics can be very difficult: there are thousands of them out there, its hard to know which ones are important, many are hard to collect, its often difficult to extract meaning from the metrics, and everyone has an opinion on the usefulness […]