Risk-based Testing: What It Is and How You Can Benefit

For any real-world system, there are an almost infinite number of tests you can run, so you won’t have time to run anywhere near that many tests. Fortunately, there is a pragmatic way to select and prioritize your tests: risk-based testing. In this presentation, Rex will explain a practical, quick, lightweight approach for incorporating an […]

Add Security Testing Tools to Your Delivery Pipeline

Developing a delivery pipeline means more than just adding automated deploys to the development cycle. To be successful, quality testing of all types must be incorporated throughout the process in order to be sure that problems aren’t slipping through. Those checks must include security, or else you risk quickly and efficiently developing insecure software. Fortunately, […]

Software Testing Bowl 2018

Software Test Professionals is happy to announce the Software Testing Bowl 2018 sponsored by Inflectra at STPCon Fall 2018 in the DC Metro Area on October 23rd starting at 6 pm. Join other testing professionals in a friendly test competition and possibly win some fabulous prizes! This competition is open to all testing professionals and […]