Understanding the business side of testing is as important as amplifying our approaches and techniques. In this track you will learn how to effectively lead diverse test teams, communicate with stakeholders, and advocate for testing.

Testing Stories

On Thursday, October 25th, after lunch, STPCon introduces “Testing Stories.” During this time, we will hear from 8 attendees; each will share their story, pitch, strategy or approach to testing, new methodology or a better way of using a common tool. Anything that they think the audience might benefit from hearing. Rules: First come, first […]

Workshop: Software Design Patterns for Quality Engineers

What’s the definition of “best practices” for writing automation frameworks? .. for your API test strategy? .. for your GUI tests? What does it mean to write a scalable or clean library/application? The core to ensuring that you, as an automation engineer, or software engineer, are creating a well-designed program, e.g. framework, tests, utilities, is […]

DCAST Meetup: Washington DC Metro Area Job Market and Hiring Trends 2018

Imagine that you, a recent college BS/CS graduate, or a software tester/quality engineer, or test manager, someone who’s passionate about software quality, have an opportunity to move to the nation’s capital for that next job, or perhaps you’re already living in the Washington DC metro area, determined to advance your career. However, you are uncertain […]

Develop Yourself and Uplift Others

In the constant flux of software development, everyone involved in creating new technologies and features must adapt to changes or be left behind. One obstacle facing professional development is lack of support and/or guidance from management. According to a recent survey by Robert Half Finance & Accounting, only 26% of employers allow their employees to […]

DevOps Starts with Knowing Your Numbers!

“Know your Numbers” the effective campaign established by the American Heart Association, has improved the lives of millions – by affecting their diet, exercise and lifestyle choices to reduce the risk of heart disease. What does this have to do with accelerating DevOps – everything! Where do you start with DevOps and how do you […]

From Loose Groups to Effective Teams

We all must work collaboratively in teams to deliver quality products. The ability to contribute effectively in a team is among the most valuable skills to develop in a workplace. Many organizational problems are the direct result of people failing to communicate adequately. Faulty communication leads to confusion and can derail the best laid plans. […]

DEMO: Improve Test Strategies and Outcomes with Mind Maps

Do you ever sit in test strategy or test plan review sessions and get little or no participation from others? Are you looking for a better way to communicate important information around the test plan or strategy? Do you want your stakeholders to understand and engage in providing feedback and suggestions? Jennifer Bonine of tap|QA […]

Traits of a Quality Engineer – Disrupt your Career

One of the best things I did for my career was disrupt it. A couple of years ago, I took a chance and accepted a position that was out of the QA/QE industry and had the unique opportunity to not only build expertise in another discipline, but take that expertise back to my “home base” […]

Workshop: Re-Inventing and Re-Invigorating the Industry

In this workshop, Melissa will present her QE department structure and how the model was built to address the challenges occurring at the company at the time. From those challenges, there was a need to build the framework and scale it more than six-fold within nine months and since then, repeat that model over the […]