Workshop: Software Design Patterns for Quality Engineers

What’s the definition of “best practices” for writing automation frameworks? .. for your API test strategy? .. for your GUI tests? What does it mean to write a scalable or clean library/application? The core to ensuring that you, as an automation engineer, or software engineer, are creating a well-designed program, e.g. framework, tests, utilities, is […]

From Loose Groups to Effective Teams

We all must work collaboratively in teams to deliver quality products. The ability to contribute effectively in a team is among the most valuable skills to develop in a workplace. Many organizational problems are the direct result of people failing to communicate adequately. Faulty communication leads to confusion and can derail the best laid plans. […]

What! It Really is Rocket Science!

If there is one thing we learned from the space race of the 1950’s and 60’s, it is that if you throw enough money at a project you can find a way to solve your problems. Unfortunately, today we do not have nearly unlimited government budgets like rocket scientists of old. But what we do […]

Continuous Test Data Generators

Build, deploy, and test is what we all are familiar with and is commonly termed as continuous integration in our humungous world of software products. Each build has new code commits, fresh changes in UI/functionality and sometimes even legacy code gets altered to accommodate changes but we always execute same old regression tests with same […]

Today’s Regression Automation Challenge for CI/CD

Regression Automation is all over the map today. The software testing world is way more varied than people think. Some organizations have thousands of tests constantly running on all kinds of VMs taking multiple days to execute, while others have no test automation at all. Any hope of Continuous Delivery or Pipeline Automation makes this […]

How to Break Mobile Applications

As mobile devices, tools, operating systems and web technologies rapidly evolve, testers must quickly adapt their thinking in this changing domain. Testers often struggle to find important vulnerabilities and bugs in mobile applications due to lack of guidance, experience and the right resources. During my career in the mobile testing field, I’ve come across numerous […]

Well, THAT’s Random – Automated Fuzzy Browser Clicking

Roughly speaking, ‘fuzzing’ is testing without an oracle, i.e. testing without knowing what a specific outcome should be. When fuzzing, we don’t necessarily know what should happen, but we have a good idea of some things that shouldn’t happen, such as 404 errors and server or application crashes. We generally apply fuzzing to produce these […]

Exploratory Testing Strategies

A Test Strategy is a valuable tool to communicate your testing approach on your project. For many organizations this tool has morphed into a 30-page template that often our stakeholders don’t always read. In this session you will learn how to transform your Test Strategy from a document no one reads, to useful tool to […]

Walking the Agile Testing Tight Rope

Testing in an Agile world requires a balance between total coverage and keeping up with the cadence. This talk aims to help you do just that by helping to walk the fine line between total automated coverage and the best use of your time. Discover techniques to make the most out of the tests you […]