Exploratory Testing Open Forum

Are you an Exploratory or Context Driven Tester with questions? If so, this is the session for you. Bring your BURNING questions to discuss with Nancy & Lynn in an open forum session. Question topics can include any aspects of ET or CDT testing. Perhaps you aren’t sure how to track and report on your […]

Add Security Testing Tools to Your Delivery Pipeline

Developing a delivery pipeline means more than just adding automated deploys to the development cycle. To be successful, quality testing of all types must be incorporated throughout the process in order to be sure that problems aren’t slipping through. Those checks must include security, or else you risk quickly and efficiently developing insecure software. Fortunately, […]

Can Codeless Testing Scale?

Transforming Manual Testers Into Automated Visual Testers with Record-Playback tools. Test automation folklore is full of horror stories of failed attempts to apply record-playback tools to perform UI-based functional testing. In this talk, we’ll take an objective look at record-playback tools and compare them with programming-based automation tools in order to evaluate their applicability to […]

Develop Yourself and Uplift Others

In the constant flux of software development, everyone involved in creating new technologies and features must adapt to changes or be left behind. One obstacle facing professional development is lack of support and/or guidance from management. According to a recent survey by Robert Half Finance & Accounting, only 26% of employers allow their employees to […]

Proven Test Strategies for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

While mobile native apps provide great user experience, and RWD site offer a similar experience across both mobile and web, there is a new and emerging method of developing digital apps, that is called PWA (progressive web app). Since this app type is new and works on both mobile and web but adds unique capabilities […]

Implementing Model Based Testing

Model Based Testing (MBT) is a strong way of addressing the most expensive part of the software development life cycle, maintenance. Sustaining quality in your product with MBT brings in the planning/testing phases of software development to be one with the development. In particular, this talk will cover the implementation of simulato, an open source […]

Workshop: Analytics Rebooted – A Workshop

I have come across some extreme examples of Business/Organizations who have all their eggs in one basket – in terms of # understand their Consumers (engagement/usage/patterns/etc.), # understand usage of product features, and, # do all revenue-related book-keeping This is all done purely on Analytics! Hence, to say “Business runs on Analytics, and it may […]

Fine-Tuning your SDLC

After many years focusing on companies’ implementation of Agile I’ve observed similarities far and wide. Many times, we assume there is a “one-size-fits-all” approach with Agile, but the reality is that each company has its own customs and culture that should be considered when implementing Agile for the first time, or when taking the journey […]

Workshop: Re-Inventing and Re-Invigorating the Industry

In this workshop, Melissa will present her QE department structure and how the model was built to address the challenges occurring at the company at the time. From those challenges, there was a need to build the framework and scale it more than six-fold within nine months and since then, repeat that model over the […]